Since 1983 RJA-Architecture has been consistently utilizing sustainable design principles before the term 'sustainable' became fashionable or common. Vitruvius wrote that "Architects must be sensitive to the local environment"  and those words are the core of the philosophy of our firm. Whether located in the Sonoran Desert, the historic urban core of Tempe, or the tall pines of Flagstaff, the context of the sites have deeply informed the architecture of our firm. 

This team embraces an architecture that is responsive to its context as the fundamental basis for a sustainable built environment. The body of work produced over the entire history of the firm speaks to our philosophy and is evident in the number of awards received, long term repeat clients, and our positive reputation in the community.

RJA-Architecture provides services that bring broad range planning GOALS TO REALITY in the built form.  We have extensive technical expertise in the creation of religious facilities, and are actively involved in all phases of a building project.


10245 E. Via Linda Blvd, Suite 209
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258